Linda Waltz

Rhapsody in Red har en Red Hat Sister i Chicago     

Linda besökte oss i slutet av maj år 2007 och har sedan dess varit en trogen besökare på vår hemsida och håller kontakt med flera av oss via brev och Facebook.


Linda hälsar:

My journey to Sweden was greatly enriched by the amazing Red Hatters that I had the good fortune to meet there.  If you are planning a visit to another city, country, why not follow my lead?  You don´t need to join the chapter that you contact, but who knows, maybe they´ll adopt you!!!!

I read that Mark Twain once said: “Why not go out on a limb??  that´s where the fruit is.  I´m certainly glad that I made this climb, the “fruit” was the sweetest that I´ve ever tasted.

Friendship is very important and to have Red Hat Sister from Sweden is great for me.   /Linda

Via Carina hon hälsar också: If any of your ladies plan to travel here, please have them contact me😍I'd love to meet them!